Sony Laptop Repair

Do you need top quality repair service for your faulty Sony laptop? Then one of the best choices would be to take advantage of Creative IT’s professional Sony laptop repair services. As one of the leading London laptop repair centres in the UK, we at Creative IT serve as a one stop destination for all kinds of laptop repair and upgrade services. Our commitment towards customer satisfaction and the services by our highly courteous and expert work team consisting of experienced engineers and trained technicians have gained us the reputation of being one of the most dedicated as well as professional laptop repair service providers in the laptop repair

  • Laptop making noises
  • Laptop with no display
  • Hard drive crashes
  • Blue screen of death / Missing system files
  • Error messages
  • Dim or flickering screen / blank screen
  • Power jack issues
  • Component level problems
  • Data loss due to virus / Spyware attacks

Let it be Sony laptop motherboard problems, hard disk drive issues, blue screen of death, virus attacks or memory issues, we can easily troubleshoot and repair your laptop’s problems, as our work team adopts the most sophisticated diagnostic tools and techniques to fix your Sony laptop’s issues. However, we not only specialize in London Sony laptop repair but also provide services to upgrade your Sony notebook’s components by swapping the existing faulty component with a brand new one, as we have a complete line of genuine Sony laptop spare parts in our huge inventory. Our upgrade and replacement services are also an excellent option if your laptop is beyond repair.

  • Hard disk upgrade and replacement
  • LCD backlight repair and replacement
  • LCD screen replacement
  • LED screen replacement
  • Power jack repair and replacement
  • NVDIA, Intel and ATI graphics card repair
  • Chipset repair or replacement
  • Motherboard repair and replacement
  • Power supply replacement
  • GPU repair
  • Data recovery and back up
  • Operating system installation and reinstallation

Our componet level motherboard repair are one of the main cost effective Sony laptop repair services we provide. With the use of our high specs infra-red BGA rework station, we can repair Sony graphics cards such as NVDIA graphics card, Intel graphics card and ATI Graphics card.

Included in the broad range of services that we offer as a part of our London Sony laptop repair and upgrade services are motherboard repair and replacement, memory upgrade and replacement, processor upgrade and replacement, data recovery and migration, removal of virus, LCD screen replacement, LCD backlight repair, battery replacement as well as inverter repair and replacement. In addition, we specialize in providing repair and upgrade services for VPCEC,VPCEB,VPCEA,VPCCW,VGN-S,VGN-NW,VGN-NS,VGN-NR,VGN-N,VGN-G,VAIO FW,VGN-FJ,VGN-FE,VAIO F,VAIO E,VAIO CW,VPCB1,VAIO S,VAIO VGN SR,VAIO VGN SZ,VAIO VGN T,VAIO VGN TT,VAIO VGN TX,VAIO VGN TZ,VAIO P,VAIO A,VAIO AR,VAIO AW,VGN-B,VGN-BX,VGN-BZ,VGN-C,VGN-CS,VGN-CR,VGN-FZ,VGN-FS,VGN-FW,VGN UX,VGN X505,VGN Z,PCG,VPC Z1,VPC F1,VPC L1, VPC M1,VPC P1,VPC S1,VPC W1,VPC W2,VPC X1,VPC Y1,VPC Y2 series of laptops.

So now no need to worry when your Sony laptop is damaged or out order! All you need to do is to contact us at on 020 7237 6805 or email us at We offer same day Sony laptop repair services to clients in and around London and quick services to the UK clients. Our clients can also utilize the professional pick-up and delivery services that we make available. Our timing is 09:00 to 18:00 hrs from Monday through Saturday.