Asus Laptop Repair

asus laptop repairIs your Asus laptop damaged and do you want to get it repaired through a professional laptop repair centre? Then you have come to the right place! Creative IT has about two decade’s experience in the laptop repair industry, and hence can help you get your Asus laptop running like new. Conveniently located in Central London, we at Creative IT serve throughout the UK with exceptional quality Asus laptop repair services. Remarkable work team that consists of some of the best engineers and technicians, quick turnaround services, and cost effectiveness are some of the factors that distinguish our repair centre from that of our competitors.

We can provide effective solutions to repair all major components of your Asus laptop such as hard drive, memory, motherboard and processor. In case if a particular component cannot be fixed, we can swap it with a brand new one, as we have a comprehensive range of laptop compatible spare parts in our stock line. We also troubleshoot and repair software issues. With most modern facilities such as a Class 100 clean room, we specialize in Asus laptop data recovery services as well. Further, as part of our London Asus laptop repair and upgrade services, our team provides exceptional services to troubleshoot and repair almost all makes and models of Asus series such as:

Specialist Asus Laptop Repair and Upgrade

  • Asus B50 Laptop series
  • Asus G51 Laptop Series
  • Asus G60 Laptop Series
  • Asus G70 Laptop Series
  • Asus G73 Laptop Series
  • Asus N61 Laptop Series
  • Asus N71 Laptop Series
  • Asus N90 Laptop Series
  • Asus M60 Laptop Series
  • Asus VX5 Laptop Series
  • Asus N10 Laptop Series
  • Asus F6 Laptop Series
  • Asus UL50 Laptop Series
  • Asus U20 Laptop Series
  • Asus UL30 Laptop Series
  • Asus U50 Laptop Series
  • Asus UX50 Laptop Series
  • Asus K50 Laptop Series
  • Asus K70 Laptop Series
  • Asus N81 Laptop Series

So come to Creative IT to make the most of our high quality Asus laptop repair and upgrade services! Our rates are unbeatable, and we provide same day, fast services to London clients and quick services to the UK clients. Depending upon our clients requirements, we also arrange pick-up and delivery services. If you are interested to know more about our London Asus laptop repair services, just give us a call on 020 7237 6805 or email us at We are available every day except for Sunday from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs.