Sager Laptop Repair

  • Is your Sager laptop rebooting, slow, or freezing up?
  • Does your Sager laptop’s hard drive does not defrag and make noise?
  • Do Adware and Virus attacks drive you crazy?

Don’t worry; our professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff at Creative IT can resolve your laptop’s issues by providing quick, genuine and affordable Sager laptop repair services. Both residential and business clients can count on our laptop repair services. Whether you want us to remove an Adware or Virus or repair component level problems, Creative IT’s cost effective laptop repair will be a fast as well as hassle-free solution.Sager Laptop Repair London

Here is a list of some of the services that we offer as a part of London Sager laptop repair services are:

  • Troubleshooting and fixing software issues
  • Component level repair
  • Adware / Spyware / Virus removal
  • Keyboard repair and replacement
  • Installation and upgrade of operating system
  • Power supply repair and replacement
  • Motherboard repair and replacement
  • LCD backlight repair and replacement
  • LCD inverter repair and replacement
  • LCD screen repair and replacement

With a comprehensive range of branded laptop peripherals in our vast product range, we can also provide customized solutions for your hardware as well as software needs depending upon our clients’ personal requirements, and as such we specialize in memory and processor upgrade, graphics and sound card replacement and hard disk upgrade. We can troubleshoot and repair all current models of Sager notebook computers including:

NP2095 (SKU JHL91), NP2097 (SKU KHLB0), NP2098 (SKU KHLB2), NP5797 (SKU M570TU-2), NP7220 (SKU M720T), NP7350 (SKU M735T), NP7650 (SKU W76TUN), NP7652 (SKU W76XCUH), NP7750 (SKU M770SU), NP7752 (SKU M770SUN), NP7762 (SKU M770CU), NP8120 (SKU X8100), NP8410 (SKU W84T), NP8662 (SKU M860TU-2), NP8690 (SKU W86CU), NP8760 (SKU W87CU), NP9280 (SKU D900F) and NP9850 (SKU M98NU).

Further, the specialty services that we offer in connection with Sager laptop repair also include hard drive data recovery services. We can recover lost data from all kinds of erased and formatted media, in addition to backing up your restored data.

Fast, reliable and economic laptop repair services are just a phone call away on 020 7237 6805. You can also send us an email to to know more about our London Sager laptop repair services. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on all laptop repair services. If you don’t want to carry your laptop to our repair centre, then let us know; we will make arrangement to pick it up from your residence or office location.

In addition to troubleshooting and servicing all the current Sager notebook models, our laptop repair experts can troubleshoot, repair and service all previous Sager laptop models including:

NP1100, NP1200 (SKU 110X), NP1220 (SKU TN121R), NP1280 (SKU M120W), NP2030 (SKU GL30), NP2070 (SKU FL91), NP2080 (SKU EL80), NP2090/2092 (SKU FL90/JFL92), NP2096 (SKU JHL90), NP2150 (SKU 2100P), NP2250 (SKU 2200S), NP2260 (SKU 2200C), NP2280 (SKU 2200T), NP2330 (SKU 2100C), NP2350, NP2720 (SKU D270S), NP2850 (SKU 2850), NP2880 (SKU T200V), NP2885 (SKU T210C), NP3100, NP3300, NP3350 (SKU 3100B), NP3360 (SKU 3100C), NP3610 (SKU 3610), NP3750 (SKU M350), NP3760 (SKU M375E), NP3790 (SKU M37EW), NP3880 (SKU M38AW), NP4020 (SKU D400S), NP4060 (SKU D400E), NP4080 (SKU D400V), NP4250 (SKU 4200), NP4320 (SKU D40EF), NP4321 (SKU D40EF), NP4380 (SKU D40EV), NP4381 (SKU D40EV), NP4750 (SKU D470K), NP4760 (SKU D470W), NP4780 (SKU D470V), NP4790 (SKU D47EV), NP4791 (SKU D47EV), NP4880/4881 (SKU M400A/AE), NP5120 (SKU 5100S), NP5130/5150 (SKU 5100C), NP5200, NP5320 (SKU M560A), NP5420 (SKU M540V), NP5460 (SKU M540N), NP5560 (SKU M55G), NP5580 (SKU M55N), NP5620 (SKU 5600P), NP5650 (SKU 5600N), NP5660 (SKU 5600D), NP5670 (SKU 5600DS), NP5680 (SKU D500P), NP5690 (SKU D500E), NP5710 (SKU M570A1), NP5720 (SKU M570A), NP5750 (SKU M570U1), NP5760 (SKU M570U), NP5790 (SKU M570RU), NP5791 (SKU M570RU), NP5792 (SKU M570RU2), NP5793 (SKU M570RUU), NP5796 (SKU M570TU), NP5950 (SKU M590K), NP5960 (SKU M590KE), NP6120 (SKU D610S), NP6160 (SKU D610SU), NP6200, NP6260 (SKU M621NC), NP6600, NP6620, NP6630 (SKU M660N), NP6650 (SKU M665SE), NP665X, NP6680 (SKU M665SR), NP668X, NP6690 (SKU M665SRU), NP6790 (SKU M670SRU), NP7200, NP7250 (SKU M721S), NP7260 (SKU M72SR), NP7620 (SKU D750W), NP7630 (SKU D760S), NP7680/7862 (M760TU/M762TUN), NP7660 (SKU D760T), NP8100, NP8260, NP8280, NP8320, NP8400, NP8530 (SKU 8500C), NP8550 (SKU 8500P), NP8560 (SKU 8500V), NP8600, NP8620, NP8660 (SKU M860TU), NP8700, NP8790 (SKU D870P), NP8880 (SKU 8880, V1), NP8882 (SKU 8880, V2), NP8886 (SKU 888E), NP8887 (SKU 888E, G), NP8890 (SKU D800P), NP9260 (SKU D900C), NP9261 (SKU D900C), NP9262 (SKU D900C2), NP9680, NP9700, NP9750 (SKU D900K), NP9800, NP9820 (SKU 982), NP9860 (SKU D900T), NP9880 (SKU D900T, U) and NP9890 (SKU D900T_X) .