London iPad Repair Centre

Creative IT is based in Central London SE1. Creative IT has been working on Apple products since the first Mac classic was introduced. We have been in the Apple repair industry since 1988.

iPad Troubleshooting:Apple iPad repair

  • Is your iPad not turning on?
  • Do you have a cracked screen?
  • Is your iPad not synching with you Apple or PC?
  • Do you have trouble accessing the Internet?
  • Are you having problems with your 3G provider?
  • Is your touchpad not working properly?

Your answers to iPad Troubleshooting and Repair

Do you have a defective battery, bad power supply or faulty logic board? Expert troubleshooting and diagnostic tests could be carried out by Creative IT. If you have a cracked the screen on your iPad we can replace the LCD screen or the digitizer or both. If your iPad is not synching with your Apple or PC computer it could be 2 things. The USB cable is faulty or the internal USB is damaged Creative IT can solve both problems for you.

If you are having problems accessing the Internet this could be a problem with you Internet provider, router compatibility or internal Wi-Fi problems on the iPad.

Problems could be with your SIM card or SIM card placer.

This could be a fault with your digitizer.

How do I go about repairing my iPad with Creative IT

You can come in person or send it by courier. We also offer a collection service which would be an additional cost depending were we are collecting from. For further info you can call us to book an appointment on 020 7237 6805 or email us at