Apple G4 Repair

Are you in search of quality Apple G4 repair services? If so, make the most of the services offered by Creative IT. We are a London based, well-established laptop repair firm which provides customer care oriented services. With state-of-the-art techniques and a professional work force, we can successfully tackle any hitch your laptop is encountering. We have got a wide range of Macintosh clients which includes home users, business users, organizations, institutions and other organisations.Apple G4 Repair

We provide a complete Apple G4 repair service which covers memory and hard drive upgrades, software installations, data transfer and data recovery, virus removal service and more. We repair Apple G4 faults including logic board failures, LCD screen, hard drive, keyboard, touchpad, battery, and optical drive failures, power failures and other component level failures. Our qualified technicians can work on various operating platforms such as Windows, Apple, Linux, UNIX and other databases.

The most common defects we find in Apple G4 are periodic stress fractures on the video BGA, which causes video failure. We can re-solder each pin on these devices affecting the video circuit with our Apple G4 repair services. If a manufacturer has asked you to replace a component of your laptop, approach us for a second opinion as we may be able to replace it. We will advice to replace a part only if the repair is not cost effective. We can perform complete valeting of your system to remove the dust, and thereby improve system performance.

We can address all the booting and startup problems such as appearance of error messages during start up, random and unsafe shutdowns, and appearance of a blue screen with error messages. We also provide sustaining solutions such as virus removal, installation and upgrade of OS, installation and upgrade of custom software including latest antivirus programs and software drivers, removal of worms, spyware/adware, unwanted cookies etc.

We can provide our customers with genuine G4 replacement parts available in our store at cost effective rates. We can also recover the data which has been lost due to mechanical failures, electrical issues, software malfunctions, virus attacks, and corrupted partitions, damages caused by water or fire, reformatting, accidental deletion, overwriting or even just human error.

Call 020 7237 6805 to access our fast Apple G4 repair services. For more information on our Apple G4 repair services and any other Apple repair services we offer, you can also email