Laptop Motherboard Replacement and Motherboard RepairLaptop Motherboard Replacement and Motherboard Repair

If you are in search of a replacement motherboard for your laptop, there are 2 practical solutions for this:

  • Motherboard replacement
  • Motherboard repair
  • The most economical way is to have your defective motherboard fixed.
  • What are the common faults of motherboard failure?
  • Overheating due to ventilation problems (Normally after 18 months)  
  • Power related internal issues on motherboard such as the internal power jack or electronic component failure
  • Liquid damage
  • NVIDIA or Intel Chipset failure
  • Accidental damage such as laptop computer being dropped

What can Creative IT do to help you?

Creative IT has a team of experienced electronic engineers that can diagnose and perform component level repairs on computer and laptop motherboards for all Sony Laptop and Computers. Creative IT can also perform firmware and bios upgrade. If for any reason the motherboard cannot be repaired (due too extensive liquid damage that can cause damaged circuit board layers), Creative IT can provide a new replacement motherboard.

What is the cost of a replacement motherboard or to repair a motherboard?

  • Approximate repair can cost from £110.00
  • Approximate replacement motherboard can cost from £200.00

Get In touch with Creative IT

Creative IT is located in London SE1; you can visit us or send your laptop by post or courier. You can call us on 020 7237 6805 or email us at to make an appointment for professional laptop motherboard replacement or repair in the UK.