Sony VGN-Z Series Repair

Does your Sony VGN-Z series laptop show any of these symptoms?Sony VGN-Z Series Repair

  • Laptop not turning on 
  • Laptop turning off automatically after few seconds
  • Laptop not accessing the Internet 
  • Laptop not charging
  • Keys on keyboard missing 
  • Screen with no display
  • Broken or cracked LCD screen 
  • Blue screen of death

Then don't waste time; just contact Creative IT and see how our experienced Sony laptop repair team will get you back up and running quickly through our high-class Sony VGN-Z series repair services. With more than 15 years experience in the laptop repair industry, our mission at Creative IT is straightforward - to provide our business and residential clients all over the UK with practical, professional, and unbeatable laptop repair solutions.

Here is an overview of our Sony VGN-Z series repair and upgrade services for VGN-Z11AWN/B, VGN-Z11MN/B, VGN-Z11MRN/B, VGN-Z11VN/B, VGN-Z11VRN/B, VGN-Z11WN/B, VGN-Z11XN/B, VGN-Z11XRN/B, VGN-Z2, VGN-Z21MN/B, VGN-Z21MRN/B, VGN-Z21VN/X, VGN-Z21VRN/X, VGN-Z21WN/B, VGN-Z21WRN/B, VGN-Z21XN/B, VGN-Z21ZN/X, VGN-Z21ZRN/X, VGN-Z26VN, VGN-Z3, VGN-Z31MN/B, VGN-Z31VN/X, VGN-Z31VRN/X, VGN-Z31WN/B, VGN-Z31XN/B, VGN-Z31ZN/X, VGN-Z36XRN, VGN-Z4, VGN-Z41MD/B, VGN-Z41MRD/B, VGN-Z41VRD/X, VGN-Z41WD/B, VGN-Z41XD/B, VGN-Z41XRD/B, VGN-Z41XTD/B, VGN-Z41ZD/X, VGN-Z41ZRD/X, VGN-Z46VRN, VGN-Z46XRN, VGN-Z5, VGN-Z51MG/B, VGN-Z51MRG/B, VGN-Z51VRG/X, VGN-Z51WG/B, VGN-Z51XG/B, VGN-Z51XTG/B, VGN-Z56VG, VGN-Z56VRG, VGN-Z56XG and VGN-Z56XRG notebook models.

  • Laptop clean up
  • Removal of malicious software  
  • Fixing redirection to malware websites
  • Fixing laptop overheating issues 
  • Installation of critical software updates
  • Operating system troubleshooting and installation 
  • Laptop optimization for quicker performance
  • Motherboard repair and replacement
  • Keyboard / Touchpad repair and replacement
  • Memory and hard drive upgrade
  • DC power jack repair
  • Laptop screen replacement

You can either call us to arrange a pick-up service to carry your laptop or if you can, just drop in your out of order laptop to our advanced store in Central London. Once we are in receipt of your defective laptop computer, our experienced technicians will carefully diagnose your laptop and provide you with an accurate, economic repair estimate, along with a time frame, to fix and return your laptop. In most cases, we do not take more than two days to finish repair or upgrade task.

So contact us today itself on 020 7237 6805 or email us at to know more about our same day London Sony VGN-Z series repair and upgrade services or to book an appointment to fit your schedule. We are available every day except for Sundays from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs.