Sony VGN-BX Series Repair

Having problems with your Sony VGN-BX series laptop such as dark screen, broken power connector, faint or gloomy screen, dead motherboard, or no video or display? Whatever be your laptop’s problems, we at Creative IT can deliver unmatched Sony VGN-BX series repair services to get back your laptop in exceptional working condition and that too within a day or two. Located in Central London, we have been proudly serving the clients across the UK with top quality Sony laptop repair and upgrade services since 1994. Our esteemed clientele list includes individuals and residential users, educational institutions, small and medium businesses and large corporate clients.Sony VGN-BX Series Repair

In addition to our professional repair services, we also offer appropriate and straightforward solutions for your Sony laptop upgrade and replacement requirements. We carry a genuine line of laptop spare parts like LCD screen, RAM, hard drive, keyboard, and motherboard in our vast product range.

Here is an overview of services that we make available as part of our London Sony VGN-BX series repair and upgrade services:

  • Memory upgrade and replacement
  • Motherboard repair and replacement
  • LCD screen replacement
  • LCD backlight and inverter replacement
  • Display hinge replacement
  • DC power jack repair and replacement
  • Data recovery and back up
  • Data migration
  • Adware and Spyware removal
  • Laptop component level repairs
  • Graphics card repair and replacement
  • CD / DVD drive repair and replacement

We provide dedicated services to troubleshoot and fix all models of the Sony VGN-BX laptop series including VGN-BX194VP, VGN-BX195EP, VGN-BX195SP, VGN-BX195SPF, VGN-BX195VP, VGN-BX195VPF, VGN-BX195XP, VGN-BX195XPF, VGN-BX196SP, VGN-BX196VP, VGN-BX196VPF, VGN-BX196XP, VGN-BX197XP, VGN-BX197XPF, VGN-BX294VP, VGN-BX295SP, VGN-BX295VP, VGN-BX295VPF, VGN-BX296VP, VGN-BX296VPF, VGN-BX296XP, VGN-BX297XP, VGN-BX297XPF, VGN-BX394VP, VGN-BX396BP, VGN-BX396VP, VGN-BX396XP, VGN-BX397XP, VGN-BX41VN, VGN-BX41XN, VGN-BX51VN, VGN-BX51XP, VGN-BX61MN, VGN-BX61VN and VGN-BX61XN models.

We not only provide in-house services but also offer professional pick up and delivery services for clients who find inconvenience to visit our repair centre in Central London.

Contact us on 020 7237 6805 and our courteous as well as professional team is here to answer any kind of queries you may have about our same day London Sony VGN-BX series repair services. You can also email us at  for additional details.