Dell Studio Laptop Repair

Located in the heart of London, Creative IT renders high quality Dell laptop repair services to residential and business clients all over the UK. With about two decade’s experience in the industry, our aim is to provide our valuable clients with cost effective IT solutions as well as unmatched customer service. All of our Dell Studio laptop repair engineers are highly professional and our technicians are well trained and experienced. Hence, we can easily detect and deal with all kinds of issues that affect your laptop, let it be of any model.

Does your Dell Studio laptop encounter any of these following problems? Then just inform us know to take advantage of our state of the art London Dell Studio laptop repair studio laptop repair london

  • Laptop running slow
  • Blue screen of death
  • Virus / Spyware issues
  • Programs closing unexpectedly
  • Internet / email issues
  • Accidental deletion of important files
  • Broken LCD screen
  • Screen with dim or blank

We cater to the repair and upgrade requirements of all Dell Studio laptop models including 1435, 1440, 1450, 1457, 1535, 1536, 1537, 1555, 1557, 1735, 1737, 1745 and 1747. If you want to upgrade your existing Dell Studio laptop to boost its performance, then one of the best options would be to utilize our replacement services, which is also a perfect alternative in case if your laptop’s particular component cannot be repaired.

As such, a number of services form part of our London Dell Studio laptop repair and upgrade services and few to mention among them are motherboard repair and replacement, DC power jack repair, LCD screen replacement, memory and hard drive upgrade, processor replacement, software upgrade, data recovery and back up and removal of spyware and virus.

Do you feel that Creative IT is the right choice for your Dell Studio laptop repair? Then don’t delay; pick up your phone and dial us at on 020 7237 6805. We are available every day except for Sunday from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs. We also get back to queries send through provide fast turnaround services, and render same day services to London clients.